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Thai Girl Tattle: Jack Reynolds Again - Naming Names

Andrew Hicks receives further information in researchingthe life of Jack Reynolds, Bangkok's 'grand old man of letters' and author of the novel, "A Woman of Bangkok". Now he would like to hear from Jack's children.

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Hardly a day goes by when I don't discover something more about Jack Reynolds, Bangkok's 'grand old man of letters' and author of the novel, "A Woman of Bangkok", whose life I've been researching.

Today I recieved an interesting article on The Friends Ambulance Unit from a friend in Australia (Jack was with them during the war years), and I have also discovered the names of his children and some family photos. A good day all round.

These pictures show Jack at home in Sukhumvit soi 8 with his wife, Wanpenh Muthikul, their sons, David, Philip, Steven, Ben and Frank and their daughter, Chandra Meagan with her baby, Mark, Jack's first grandchild.

Jack is looking frail, is using a walking frame and his left ear is bandaged, presumably because of the cancer that was to end his life six months later in September 1984. It looks a happy family gathering, though sadly was probably one of his last.

I have now spent a lot of time tracing Jack's life and have discovered much about him. I would thus love to be able to share all this with his children. As one friend said to me, "They should be very proud of their father".

The married daughter (who worked in an art gallery in Petchaburi road) will have changed her name but the sons, I believe have the name Muthikul Jones.

So where are they now and how can I find them?

Please help!


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