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North American Dreaming: Our White Suits

William Burkholder's poem encapsulates a warning to those who pollute the Earth.

Stones raised in angry fist, snarled drooling thugs, loose epithet ignorant spew!

Common man dictates peace; he has no room for the ignorant bawlings of this unshackled thing. Free to roam the hillsides and towns of our respites and homes,

Spilling terms of indifference on our clean white suits of piety, and self-righteous ideal of clean, crystal biases!

Who are they?
Who are we?
Our judgment of them in essence
draws us to their empty wells.

Parched, dry, and cracked.
Let them roam,
and we will rest under shades of willows,
patterning and sewing out a new white suit
to wear.


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