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U3A Writing: Quirk Of Nature

Dharini Parameshwaran wonders if the tsunami which devastated her homeland was sent as a punishment

On my last sojourn in my native land we occupied a suite on the second floor of a popular hotel in the capital city, overlooking the sea. I spent a good deal of my spare time sitting by the window gazing out at the Indian Ocean.

How calm the sea was with the waves rippling down to the white sands of the beach and gently breaking against the rocks behind. It was a picture of tranquillity and utter peace, and had I had the time, could have spent the morning gazing out of the window dreaming my dreams in peaceful contemplation.

However, it had only been a few months ago that the tsunami had struck and this peaceful stretch of water went berserk. Wild horses wouldn't have been able to prevent the angry waves from crashing down from the seabed, and taking homes and human lives in its wake, creating confusion, madness and inconsolable sorrow to those spared of its rage.

Was this an act of an unseen spirit to punish the four different nationalities inhabiting this small, green once peaceful island for their disunity, and loss of trust in each other, and endeavouring to bring them together again to live harmoniously as one unified nation in their island paradise, as they had done so amicably in the past? I really wonder!


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