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Christmas Every Week: The Unnoticed Guest

Arnold Kellett's poem was prompted by an Act of Parliament in 1652 which abolished Christmas.

'A plague on thy Christmas!' The Puritans cried
'Thou glutton! Thou drunkard!
Thy flesh-pots we've spied!
'Tis pagan, 'tis popish,
'Twill lead to damnation:
God cancels thy Christmas
By State proclamation!'

A Christ without Christmas?
He calls us to dine!
He feeds the five thousand,
Turns water to wine,
Sits down at the tables
Of commonplace sinners:
The unnoticed Guest
At all Christmas dinners.

So eat and be merry!
Rejoice in his birth!
Let feasting, not fasting,
Replenish the earth!
But share with the hungry,
Keep Jesus in sight:
For a Christmas that's Christ-less
Proves the Puritans right.


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