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About Our Words: Variety Theatre

Leslie Davies was moved by Ronnie Bray's lament for the passing of variety theatre in Britain.

Leslie writes:

I wish I could write as movingly and eloquently as this tribute to our much-missed world of variety. My particular favourites were Frank Randle and his staunch supporters, In fact I found Open Writing while looking for more information about Gus Aubrey.

Ronnie Bray is right. Variety's magic remains in the memories of those of us who had the opportunity to experience it, and it makes today's fashions in singing,music-making in general, dancing and comedy tawdry, repetitive and, above all, amateurish by comparison.

When we were young, my friends and I would go to the theatre to see our favourites, expecting them to look prosperous, handsome, beautiful and elegant far, far beyond ourselves. These days performers commonly dress down to below the level of the audience, which itself is casual at best. It is very depressing.



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