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A Shout From The Attic: War!

Five-year-old Ronnie Bray had only a vague understanding of the significance of the onset of war.

The beginning of war settled slowly into my young mind, mostly because I was a few months short of being five years old when Great Britain entered the war against Germany and its allies. The slow, almost insidious realisation of what war is probably what saved me from being very much afraid of it, for its imagery means little to unformed minds.

If the war was explained to me in my tender years, the words made no lasting impression. My earliest memories are of small talk by adults gathered from warm beds to the relative coolness of our cellar living room until the air raid siren atop the KOYLI drill hall down Fitzwilliam Street sounded its wailing all clear. Then we trudged back to our beds to resume our night’s rest, grumbling about Hitler, who was blamed for it all.

Being slow of memory, I recall only the odd vignette of the war and my life within its folds, and the escape from war to a different world.


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