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U3A Writing: Where To Now?

Mick Harkinís poem reflects upon changing times and climes.

Winter is with us, days are now shorter
Clouds build in the sky, alas there's no water.
Weather is chilly by day and by night,
A change to wet weather, nothing in sight!

Strong winds from the north, south and the west,
A few drops of rain can be expected at best.
Those few drops of rain n'er make a puddle,
Livelihoods are at stake, life is a muddle!

Trees are dying through lack of water,
Land vibrance has gone now dullness the order.
Life must go on though harsh it may be,
Hope for the future, we think we can see.

Hopes, wishes, prayers and sighs,
Continue on as time passes by.
Barely surviving, pockets are tight,
More hopes and wishing, no rain in sight.

Country towns are hit hard, will continue to be,
Shops can't give credit, that's easy to see.
Can't make any money, how can they survive.
Rain what's needed to keep towns alive.

Some stock still alive, barely surviving,
Rain is the answer, for pasture reviving.
If no rain soon, all will be lost,
Who will be left to foot the huge cost?

Politicians do little, talk a lot of hot air!
Don't seem to realize the country's despair.
A quick visit here, another one there,
So slow to respond, don't seem to care.

Many crops have failed, or gained little return,
Australians all over should show their concern.
Help must be given by Governments all!
If not forthcoming, country in a free fall!

Tunes played were beaut, and pleasant to hear,
While some sat outside quaffin a beer.
No coppers around to keep us in check.
Not one of us blokes ended hittin the deck.

Life is a changing as years pass us by
What's modern today tomorrow has died.
Look into the future, we only can guess,
Hopefully pleasant, may be a mess.


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