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Laugh With Lisa: Your Wife Is Ugly

Lisa DeMarco’s gag concerns an embarrassed parrot.

A man walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. He sits down next to a couple at the bar and orders a drink for himself. The parrot turns to the man and says, "Man, your wife is ugly."

The man, not amused, complains to the barkeep.

This continued for a little while before the bartender finally asked the man to leave and not return with his bird again.

A few months later, the same man returns to the bar with the same parrot on his shoulder. Ironically, the same couple was sitting at the bar. The man immediately recognized the man and his bird and called to the bartender, "I thought you told him not to come back with that bird?"

Before the bartender could respond, the man with the bird interrupted and said, "I've trained him to behave. I promise he will not insult you or your wife."

The man approved. The bartender agreed, and the man with the bird bought a round for all.

A few minutes later, while the man is lovingly looking at his wife seated beside him, he notices the bird eyeing him. Finally the man shouts, "What?"

Just then, the bird looks down, almost refusing to make eye contact with the man and says, "Come on, you know."

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