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The Day Before Yesterday: 114 - The Loss Of A Father

Gladys Schofield was deeply affected by the death of her father.

Rodney was enjoying his work at Robert's Castings. Just over a year, he took his first exam for the 'City and Guilds' examination he needed at this firm. We received a phone call from the Principle in charge of the marking of these exam results saying "Rod had scored so high, he was capable of taking the harder exam, which was the National Exam". This was the one his brother was taking in the larger firm where he was employed. We talked it over with our lad, knowing he wouid have to change his place of employment to get the opportunity to take the other exam. It didn't seem a problem to him and he was accepted in the firm his brother worked at, so the missing out of a High School education had made no difference to the intelligence of our second son.

Mum and Dad had moved to a one story flat at Crosland Moor, as Dad was not fit enough to climb the stairs of the other house. Being just the two of them these days, this was much easier. Harold had acquired a car not long after us. His was much more modern and he would take Mum and Dad with them for an outing sometimes. They lived not far from the Fireworks Company, I once worked for.

Mum had taken up again the painting she had always had a gift for and Dad always made the frames for her paintings. John seemed to be able to colour the black and white photos we used to get before colour films came into use. He also was trying out his old creative techniques he had as a boy, in oil painting. My parents had a little garden front and back of this flat and that pleased Mum who was forever painting arrangements of her own flowers.

In the April of 1961, my dad had two heart attacks within a short time. The second one killed him. It was a big shock as we all thought he was getting better again after the first. He always said he was living on 'borrowed time', since his first attack seven years earlier. He was seventy one.

This was the first experience of loosing someone in the family and we took it badly and drove more often up that hill to visit Mum now she was on her own. It was good she had kept active and had plenty of hobbies to occupy her time now.


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