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Poetry Pleases: Easter

John Ayling's poem conveys the full meaning of Eastertide.

When Mary Magdalene went to mourn
Beside the tomb of Jesus, her dear Lord
Spring flowers bloomed unseen about her feet
Unnoticed too the lilies' sweet perfume.
The joyful chorus of the birds at dawn
Unheeded fell upon grief burdened ears:
And though the glory of the rising sun
Enriched the heavens with gold and crimson hue
It brought no light into her tear dimmed eye.

Beside the tomb she stood
Heart broken: grieving
For the one she'd ne'er see more,
And though the Lord she mourned
Stood there beside her,
She yet knew him not
Until he spoke her name;
And then her eyes were opened
And she saw
That though intangible his form
His presence still was hers for evermore,
For now, ascending to the Father,
He dwelt for ever in her heart.


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