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Christmas Every Week: Holy Family

Home’s a place of honest love, says Arnold Kellett in this moving poem.

This is the feast of families,
When prodigals return,
And fathers kill the fatted calf,
And mothers quickly learn
All the secret hopes and fears
Of daughter and of son,
And home's a place of honest love
Whatever's said or done.

Thank God for close-knit families
But think of those dispersed
By shabby deeds and bitter words
That cannot be reversed;
Where flesh and blood is torn by strife
How keen the Christmas grieving:
That broken homes should heal again
Seems quite beyond believing.

Yet see the Holy Family
With hope for all the earth,
And healing, reconciling love,
Outflowing from this birth:
O isolated hearts grown cold,
You may by Christ be warmed,
And leave this nuclear-family scene
Inspired, refreshed, transformed!


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