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A Shout From The Attic: Late For School

Ronnie Bray tells of an "inventive excuse'' which happened to be true.

Nowadays if you hear an aeroplane, the chances are that it has already passed over your bit of visible sky. In my war time school days I was once late because I stood and watched as a very large aeroplane crossed the sky. It took about ten minutes to cross the bright blue firmament and by then, I was late. The teacher thought my excuse “inventive and original.” I was offended because it was true, but did not say so.

Apart from changing the landscape with war preparations such as the water pipes, window tape, stirrup pumps, gas masks, blackouts, during which torches had their lens covered except for a small inadequate hole, soldiers in the streets, missing menfolk, sweet rationing, fictional and other accounts of the progress of the war, cars with gas bags on their roofs, collections of war memorabilia, war games, and teacher, Fred Armitage, insulting the young and beautiful Wendy Hunter by declaring that she was “worse than a German”, the war had no impact on my young life. Mr Hunter, a small, innocent, and reticent man, came to school to complain about this insult. Germans were not very well thought of.


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