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Useful And Fantastic: People They Laughed At - 15

Val Yule, a great encourager of new ideas and inventions, suggests a way of developing creative thought.

Here is a Wishing Game that everyone can play. It gives the brain practice in thinking of ideas, just as there are exercises and training to give the body practice in athletic sports.

If you can't sleep, or need to occupy your mind in boring meetings or while waiting for a bus or train:

• Think of something wrong that needs fixing, such as how to make public tranport econonomically viable.

• Then think of ideas to solve the problem.

• Next think of what could go wrong so it wouldn’t work. For example, you can think of something super for a playground. Why wouldnt it work? Because vandals steal or smash it.

• So the next step of the game is - How to get people keen on not stealing or smashing up the equipment. So you have to
exercise the brain a bit more on that one.

• Then you may try to do something about it!

As the poet T S Eliot has said:

‘Between the idea and the action
Falls the shadow’.

People have thousands of ideas daily - but they don't try to make things happen. Or if they do they quickly give up when others rubbish their ideas.

The man who invented the disposable bottle cap said ‘the Thing to do is invent something which people have to have, but which they can use, throw away, then buy another one.’

King Camp Gillette invented his safety razor at the age of forty. It’s never too late to start.

However the need in today's world is to discover how to make money without selling disposables that use up our resources and clutter the earth with throwaways.



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