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Open Features: Antonio Tamburini

Peter Wintersgill outlines the career of Antonio Tamburini who made his opera debut in 1818.

28th. March 1800 in Faenza, Italy.

Played the horn as a child and sang in Faenza Opera at 12.

Opera debut 1818.

Adult life
Sang in the main Italian opera houses 1824-32, London and Paris debuts 1832. He created the roles of Riccardo and Sir Richard Forth in Bellini's Puritani (1835), Malatesta in Donizetti's Don Pasquale (1843) and Israele in his Marinofialiero (1835).

He was so popular in London there were "Tamburini riots" in 1840 He retired in 1859.

He died 8th November 1876 in Nice aged 76


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