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Useful And Fantastic: Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia

Val Yule is eager to hear from anyone who has been influenced by Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia

Val says:

I would like to have information on all the eminent people who read Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia when they were young.

I am also collecting information about how many aged people were and are wise and creative, if no longer sprightly.

People who express concerns about the so-called burden of supporting an aging population forget that older people are wise, creative and independent.


Peter Mucalo from St Louis tells of the joy of consulting Arthur Mee's Encyclopedia.

He writes:

I read these treasured 10 volumes cover to cover as a child in New Zealand. They impressed me so much that I made sure I kept them with me to this very day.

Even now I love to thumb through them and fondly remember the joy they brought to me.

Web Page: http://www.openwriting.com/archives/2006/06/arthur_mee.php


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