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Laugh With Lisa: Gas

Lisa DMarco brings us another earthy giggle.

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An old lady goes to her doctor's office complaining about severe gas. She explains that "luckily they don't smell and you don't hear them," or she would be really embarrassed, because even in the few minutes she had been standing there, she had already broken wind at least 4 or 5 times.

After a quick examination, the doctor gives the woman a prescription and tells her to come back in two weeks.

One week later, the woman abruptly enters the doctor's office and tells the receptionist she needs to see the doctor immediately. When he comes out to speak to her, she complains that whatever he gave her made things worse. Because she still had the problem but now there is a really bad smell.

The doctor nodded and said, "Well, now that we cleared up your sinus, let's work on your hearing."


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