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Laugh With Lisa: Letter To Cindi Lauper

Lisa DeMarco sends a heartfelt fan letter to Cindi Lauper.

I want to start out by saying I am a HUGE fan! I even had the privilege to see you perform at Radio City Music Hall for a Christmas Special with Eddie Money. A concert I almost didn’t make it to, because my older sister had no business driving into the city from New Jersey. It actually took her THREE times – passing the entrance to the arena - having to loop around the toll for the Lincoln Tunnel, before we finally made it into the parking lot. It sure was worth it though, because you guys ROCKED!

Anyway, the song Time After Time has always been my favorite. It is not only my favorite song by you but it is one of my “All Time Favorite Songs.” When my dad passed away about eight years ago, I had to leave my home in Florida and return to my hometown in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, for a month to straighten up my parents affairs. I travelled with my eight month old baby girl and her 5-year old sister. It was hard. My husband could not leave work to be with us. My mother could not be left alone in the house she shared over 40-years with my dad in, and thank God I had a lot of life long friends to help me get through it all.

Strange though, every time I would try to sneak away for even a moment by myself, your song, Time After Time would come on the radio. It was like I could feel my dad’s presence. I had always related the song to a past love, but it was during my moments of overwhelming grief that it would play, and I would find comfort in knowing it was my dad reminding me that he was still watching over me and he would be waiting.

Okay, I know it all sounds hokey, but you filmed your video for Time After Time in Ledgewood, NJ, in a diner I grew up in. The Dover bus station was only miles from my home. I have always had a connection to the song, but after that I truly do believed – every time I hear that song he visits with me.

Before my dad died, he was always busting chops about how I never used my degree in Print Communication/Journalism that he paid for when he moved me down south to attend The University of Central Florida. Much like with my two older sisters, he felt like we should have all done more professional things with our educations than any of us did. I was always proud to be a waitress-mom as long as I got to spend as much quality time with my girls as I possibly could. Unfortunately, to him, that was just a waste of time and his money.

So, recently, when I published my very first book, Serving Up Some Funny, a spicy little joke book from a server’s point of view, I was amazed to find your song, Time After Time mixed up in the batch again. The marketing team at Strategic Book Publishing, the publishing house that published my book, created a YouTube video trailer for my book.

When I first received the link to my new YouTube video, something my daughters had to show me how to do, I was very pleased. The video was cute. I was happy to simply finally have bragging rights that “I am a published author. I did not waste my father’s tuition money to be a house wife. I just didn’t go “professional soon enough for him to see it.”

Suddenly – out of the corner of my eye – I notice under Related Videos, listed to the right of my name and my book title, the link for your music video Time After Time.

I was beyond moved. It was like my dad had literally come back from the dead to tell me that he was proud! How cool is that? I felt total recognition, for the first time in my entire life, and it was all through you that it was possible.

Some might say it is all in my imagination. But, I know better. I believe in signs, and I know other watch over me and guide me along my way. I thank you for helping me see the signs.

Be well and good luck in your future endeavors.


Lisa DeMarco aka Martie Goldstein




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