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Useful And Fantastic: Music As Noise - Part 3

Val Yule suggests that muh more research work is required on the effects of loud music on the human brain and body.

Humans are probably the most adaptable creatures in the world except for viruses and bacteria. They can adapt to living with greater extremes of climate, temperature, food, geography, speed, on land, sea and air.

Experiments are now made about how to live in space, on another planet, under the sea, inside bubbles. Are thre any limits? What about noise?

Since pre-recorded history, humans have conducted mass experiments on themselves. On what food was edible, what could be done with fire, on beig in, or under, water. Almost always the new adapatations depended on individuals who dared to try or were forcibly experimented on. Even agriculture and horse riding began with individual experiments.

So far we have been relatively complacent. Human beings can adapt to almost anything.

People worried about railways, then cars and then about flying and now space travel. Human physiology could not stand going too fast. Human physiology could stand it so far.

Are there limits to adaptability? The obesity epidemic suggests that human are not always apable of being adaptable.

Can people become more intelligent? Or less intelligent? In some ways we don't seem to have advanced in our behaviour to people in past centuries.

What about noise? Loud music? The prevailing idea is that music can aid and improve intelligence. That it can help to develop young brains. But it can be abused.

We now know that loud music can damage hearing. People going to venues to hear loud music are recommended to wear ear-plugs. There are reports that mice forced to listen to loud noise fail to learn, and children living airport flight paths have been found to read badly. A 2004 study found that loud music reduced reaction time and decision-making ability. It recommended a lowering of decibels when driving.

Much more research needs to be done on the effects of loud music on the workings of the brain and body.


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