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Fast Fiction: Rosie

What was it that Rosie was promised if she went to the storeroom?

Richard Mallinson's tale tells you a whole lot about Rosie if you read between the lines.

To enjoy more of Richard's fast fiction please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/fast_fiction/

'Come in, Mrs er Miss er Ms . . .'

'Call me Rosie.'

Take a seat, er Rosie. I am the complaints manager. How may I help?'
'Well, he told me if I went in the storeroom wiv him he'd give me - '

'Who? Who told you?'

'Him. The doorman. Tall fella, wiv moustache.'

'But... we don't have a doorman.'

'Eh? Oh, it's just as well I didn't go in, then, aint it?'

'It certainly is ... By the way, what did he say he'd give you?'


'Whereyoubin, Rosie?'

'Out... to the furniture place.'


'Just lookin. Met this fella who was very nice.'


'Yeah, complaints man or somethin. Said he'd look into the matter an see if there wus anythin he could do abart it.'


The blasted doorman who wasn't a doorman who said if I'd go in the storeroom wiv him he'd give me - '


'Ah, that's just wot the complaints bloke wanted te know.'


'Nah ... an I aint tellin you, neither.'


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