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Feather's Miscellany: The Lost Hour

John Waddington-Feather’s poem calls for a really significant turning back of the clocks.

They’re playing about with time again
And who do they think they’re kidding?
The sun comes up and still goes down
And daylight’s at its bidding.

‘Twas always thus and ever will,
While old Earth keeps a–turning;
With cold hearths during summer months
And hot in winter burning.

They’ve turned the clocks an hour on,
And lost us one whole hour;
But daylight’s still the same in length
And quite beyond their power.

Dark till seven and light till eight,
With nothing in between
But going to work, and gawping at
The television screen.

Now, if they want to play with time
And make themselves a name,
Then turn the clocks back fifty years
And make me young again!

John Waddington-Feather ©


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