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The Day Before Yesterday: 124 - There's A Strange Man In My Bathroom

Gladys Schofield, continuing her entertaining autobiography, tells of an unexpected early-morning encounter.

Susan was allowed two mice, both female. You would think I would have more sense by now and say no but she took care of them at first in her bedroom, then they were later moved to a disused building at the back of our house that had been a wash kitchen. This was no longer used for that purpose as a modern one stood next to the kitchen inside.

She loved these little mice who resided in a cage. The best exercised, I ever saw as they would play on their wheel day and night, running and getting nowhere. One disappeared one day and was never found. Susan was very upset and a week or two later, the other small furry creature went also but the worst of this was, Susan found its head with no body attached so Whisky was always under suspicion after that. She was upset for quite a while. The names of the mice were Twinkle and Tinkle.

Alan passed his National Exam and later so did Rod and both carried on to reach the top, taking the Higher National. They both reached their goal throughout their apprenticeships. We were very proud of their achievement and hoped some good jobs were waiting for them, with their qualifications but jobs were getting harder to get in England and already Alan and a few more of his friends were putting feelers out, inquiring about work in Canada. All this was just talk at the time, as Alan was nearing the end of his apprenticeship. I hoped this was only talk amongst the lads and that they would not need to go abroad to find a decent way of living.

We had got used to the many friends, male and female, who appeared in our home each weekend. Some we never saw again and others had been his mates for many years. I walked into the bathroom needing an 'early morning call' one Sunday morning. On opening my bathroom door, I found a young man combing his hair in my mirror. "Good morning Mrs Schofield" he greeted me, not batting an eyelid at me, frozen there in my nightgown. "Good morning" said I quickly, retracing my steps.

"There's a strange man in our bathroom" I remarked to Cliff. "Well you shouldn't go out like that" he said but as Alan pointed out to him later, Mum didn't expect anyone but her family to be around at that time. I didn't encounter that young man again. Alan often invited a friend home if they were out late, we never heard a sound, our walls were like a fortress.


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