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Laugh With Lisa: A Year Of Miracles

Ace laughter-lady Lisa DeMarco tells of an extra-special year in her life.

Read this – and be inspired!

For all of you out there that DO NOT believe in miracles, I am here to prove you wrong! Wishes, dreams, hopes, prayers… Call it what you will. They do come true. It is possible, and everyone should always have a little bit of IT in them. It’s what life is about, and in order to benefit from IT’S existence the one thing you have to do is BELIEVE.

I am a firm believer in IT’S power. I know angels are among us and wishes can come true. Following the signs and never giving up is the key. I have a strong faith. I know I am being watched over and guided. I try to pay attention and follow my path. The pass year confirms what I have always know, there is ALWAYS hope. Prayers are heard. Wishes can be achieved, and if you believe dreams can come true.

2009 was a big year for me. I witnessed three miracles within days of each other, and I had a part in all of them.

A dear friend and mentor of mine, Mr. Sam Wise, died at the age of 87. He left behind his widow, my best friend, Jackie. “My Twins,” as I always referred to them, were no longer, and I felt the deep need to do something dramatic to show how much I cared.

I decided I was going to donate my hair in Sammy’s memory. I went on line to find out what was involved. I had heard a lot about “Locks for Love” over the years, but I wasn’t sure exactly how it worked. Once I realized how easy it was, I know there was no turning back.

For over 25 years, I had carried around my horse tail, but this time I was serious. What ever it took. As much as was needed. I was a 40-year old woman, and it was time to get rid of my 80s hair do, or should I say “hair-don’t,” because that is what my daughters have been calling it for years.

Sure, I had been talking about cutting my hair for decades, but it always ended up the same way – with me walking out of the saloon with my bangs shorter and the ends off the back. I couldn’t help it. We (my hair and I) were attached, and I was so use to “my look.”

What happens if I weren’t as cute without all my hair? Oh well, I’d have to suffer. This time I was on a mission and now that I got it in my head it would have been wrong to not follow through. I had checked out the “Locks for Love” website. I had made eye contact with young girls that are sick and dying, and all they really want is hair that looks real, while I have hair flowing down to my butt – doing absolutely nothing but costing me tons in hair care products alone.

Why hadn’t I done this already? I thought. Yet as I sat in my buddy Tommy’s barber shop seat, looking at myself in the mirror with my hair all pulled back tight in a ponytail holder (like I had been instructed), I felt a large lump begin to build up inside my chest like again I was about to lose a close friend.

Tommy turned my chair around so that I could not watch him as he began to cut my pony tail off just above the band in jagged slices with a straight edge razor. Chop! Chop! Chop! Fifteen inches gone! It was like cutting a snake in half and watching it move off in two separate directions. WOW!

A part of me went numb, as I sat quietly while Tommy shaped up my glamorous new style. I still had not seen my head. I had only seen the 15-inch pony tail that now rested in my lap. WOW again! Is that me? I whispered as he turned me back into view. The cut was cute. It framed my face nicely and it made my hair look really full. I looked the exact same, or so I thought, until he handed me another mirror so I could position myself to see the back of my head. One more time… WOW! Twenty five years, fifteen inches, and thousands of hair ties later, I finally got a hair cut that people would actually notice. Plus, for the first time in 17-years, when my husband first saw me he didn’t ask, “Did you get your hair cut?”

Instead, when he did first see me, his eyes went big, his mouth opened wide and his bottom jaw dropped, as he said, “WOW, you actually cut your hair!” Just before he commented that I looked about 12 years old now. To which I quickly responded, “You know we have a 13-year old daughter right?”

A few days later, Jackie almost had a stroke when she saw me for the first time without my long locks. But she was awfully pleased to know what I had done. We believe that Sammy would be proud, and we hope that we helped someone somewhere deal with their own sad situation by bringing some new HOPE from some old hair!

The second “Miracle” goes a little deeper than hair. In October of 2008, my older sister Melinda, Mina as we call her, found a man. For the second time in all her 48-years of life, she had a boyfriend. Amazing! Our family had pretty much just marked it off that Mina would be with my mom for life. But she finally proved us all wrong.

Danny was a gentleman that took tickets at a local theatre that featured country western singers. On Friday nights they had an open jam, where anyone could sing two songs with the house band playing back up, and on Saturday nights they would bring in a professional or semi-professional performer to entertain. Mina and my mom went every weekend. Sometimes my daughters would also go with them. On occasion, my older daughter Amanda would even sing. The crowd was friendly and loyal, but most participants were in the 65-100 range, unless of course you were like Danny and Melinda, “slightly irregular.” Anyway, for some reason, Danny thought that poor Mina was raising my beautiful, talented and well behaved young daughters all by herself as a single mom, with grandma’s help, and immediately his heart strings got strung. Even after he was informed that it was all in his imagination, because they were not Mina’s kids. Mina did not have any kids, nor had she ever been in any kind of relationship that could ever produce kids, he still pursued her.

Mina, although a lovely, educated and self-sufficient lady, was born with a rare bone disease called Osteogenisis Imperfecta, or better known as “glass bones,” which caused her to be very fragile and break easily. Growing up, she spent most of her childhood years either in casts or hospitals. The rest of her days she spent trying to avoid casts and hospitals. Danny, on the other hand, contracted Polio as a young child, and although he cannot walk without some type of assistance, he is otherwise as normal as the rest of us. Together, they managed to find comfort in each others disabilities and before long a budding romance was blossoming. After only a few months, in front of all the little old biddies at the Opry, Danny proposed. And before Mina melted, she managed to say “YES!”

So, for the next six months “Anastasia” (You know, Cinderella’s nicer of her two bitch step-sisters.) got to plan her “I’ve been dreaming of this day my entire life,” PRINCESS WEDDING!

Standing only 4’10” with a bit of a chunky frame, my big, little sister, the Tom-boy, now intended on looking like a miniature Barbie Doll at her picture perfect wedding. The dress, the nails, the hair, the shoes… Not to mention anything and everything that her stupid wedding magazines told her she was suppose to have. (You know, the magazines she has been collecting since she helped me plan my wedding over 16-years ago.)

Too bad our father wouldn’t be here to witness the BIG event, which was a HUGE event! Poor Mina had a hard life. She was the oldest of us three girls and her ailments took a lot out of our family. She broke bones regularly throughout our childhood. Sometimes with more than one limb at a time, and it was usual that each winter would bring some kind of new problem to heal, because of the weather in New Jersey – with all its snow and ice.

Yet despite Mina’s “handicap” and our father’s beliefs, she was always a HAPPY soul - content to live a simple life. She was educated with a few college degrees, and as an adult, she always held a good job, unless she was on temporary medical leave. She was an independent woman. A bit spoiled by Daddy, but still capable, which was way more than the doctors had foreseen back in the 60s when they told my parents to put her in a home.

Now, not only did she have a peaceful, reasonably healthy life she was proud of, but she also had finally found LOVE! What more could anyone ask for? Sure it was like the blind leading the blind watching the two of them together. But come April 19th, 2009 after all the announcing, planning and preparing, their wedding day and finally here, and much like in the fairy tales, my sister Melinda looked BEAUTIFUL. Picture perfect was the term. Like a little cake topper of a bride. Her ceremony and reception were also FABULOUS. Great friends. Delicious food and tons of love flowing from the guests that chose to share their day.

On the bride’s side, next to the comment of how lovely Melinda looked, it was unanimous that “Teddy (our Dad) must be smiling in Heaven, because it was the PERFECT day.”

It was a day any father would have been thrilled to be a part of, and his presence was truly felt.

Finally, my last miracle, and oddly enough it occurred on the same day as my sister’s wedding.

Another thing my dear old Dad swore would never happen, my book, Serving Up Some Funny was professionally released to the public. WOW! I had really done it. I finally published my first book. I found an agent, and I managed to talk my way into a publishing company without having to spend a dime.

Sure, I had already been mailed a copy of the book to proof, which I had been showing off to everyone I knew, but now it was actually available to the world. Thanks to the great staff at Strategic Book Publishing and their wonderful Marketing Team, Serving Up Some Funny could be purchased over the internet at fine book stores like: Barnes & Nobel, Books-A-Million, Border Books and more – all over our fine US of A, along with countries such as: Indonesia, China, Japan, England and even Australia. How cool is that? My spicy little joke book that was cooked up right here is in nowhereville was now everywhere. Nice!

My mission to Spread The Laughter had taken a new toll, and I really believed I had a chance to make the giggles echo. The best part was all my lifelong homies where down in Florida from New Jersey for my sister’s wedding, so I not only got to show off all my crafting and catering skills that I used to help out as her wedding coordinator, but I also got to brag about BEING AN AUTHOR!

Some of my buddies even pre-order their copy of my book, so when the rest of my ordered copies came in they would be the first to receive theirs. My God father actually requested his be the first copy I autographed, claiming he was the only man alive that could actually say, “I knew you when.” Because, when my mother went into labor with me over 40-years ago, he drove her to the hospital, because my Dad was at work. Others also expressed their desire to have special quotes inscribed, and the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from accomplishing a goal overwhelmed me.

I knew I had not done this alone. Four very important men in my life passed away before I managed to get my name in print. Men that helped to push me along my way even though at times it did not feel like encouragement. But, when I ran home that day from the reception hall to try and make myself pretty, after getting everything set up and set out and helping all the ladies get organized, I saw the best email ever waiting for me on my computer. It read:

To: Lisa DeMarco
From: Strategic Book Publishing
RE: Serving Up Some Funny

We are proud to announce that Serving Up Some Funny, by author Lisa DeMarco, is now available at http://www.strategicbookpublishing.com/ServingUpSomeFunny.html

I knew from that moment on that April 19, 2009 would always be the day we would all remember as the day “Teddy witnessed his miracles.”

For it was on that day that his oldest daughter finally got married and his youngest proved she didn’t waste his tuition money on being just a server-mom. Not to mention, I finally cut my hair!


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