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U3A Writing: Remember?

Elaine Lawton's evoctive poem recalls all those Saturday nights at the pictures.

Saturday night at the pictures,
Saturday night at the "flicks',
Far from our everyday strictures,
Here's where we're getting our kicks.

In the lounge two and six is the price,
Dress circle is cheaper, but nice,
But downstairs in the stalls doesn't rate I
f it's really a serious date.

Cary Grant and Montgomery Clift
Give the feminine spirits a lift,
While Monroe and Sophia Loren
Can boost the morale of the men.

Holding hands in the dark may be nice,
But a ribbing on Monday's the price
If the sweet little gesture is seen
By eyes that have strayed from the screen.

Walking home at the end of the show
Is not to be hurried, you know,
But for those who live far out of town
And whose plea for the car is turned down
Then there's no point in making a fuss,
It's a quick peck and run for the bus!


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