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The Day Before Yesterday: 127 - Changes In The Family

Gladys Schofield and her family begin to consider leaving England to find work in another country.

There were many changes in the family with Dorothy becoming a Grandma. Jeanette had married a man named Frank, sometime earlier and had two little girls. The oldest about the age of Pauline. This was good for Dorothy as she now had a small family of her own to fuss over. Brenda also had two little girls, she had always been the slimmest of our girls but now she stayed the plumpest. Like us they were trying to buy a property instead of renting. A little brick bungalow. Ted's family had grown again, with yet another girl, so they had three girls and one boy. John's family also grew to three with Lena giving birth to another girl with dark curly hair like herself.

Alan and Mary also had a baby boy called Richard, so this family had grown to four. New babies seemed to go through our family like an epidemic, as it wasn't long before Alma also had a daughter to finish off her family after two sons. Once in a while we would visit each other but not very often. We were all so busy caring for our own, we hadn't much time for anything else. Brenda and Alma came the most and each one would visit Mum.

Mum would say to each of us when we visited "This country is going downhill fast, if you get the opportunity, take your families and emigrate, there won't be any good jobs left before long". She was right of course, it was taking two wages to run a household, as people expected more now. The shops were full of new appliances and like the children, if one family got one, everyone else wanted one also.

The bigger worry was the influx into the population of many coloured nations. Bus conductors always had a darker skin. Crowds of these immigrants were starting up little industries in their homes, so very over crowded. Can you blame us for being worried for our own families, after all, didn't we endure the war for a better chance for our own families, than we had ever had and worked so hard to give them that chance. We sacrificed ourselves to make it easier for them, if the jobs were getting scarce, then it made sense to go elsewhere.


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