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Laugh With Lisa: 20lb. Baby

Lisa DeMarco brings us another choice gag.

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A big, country boy is hanging out a local tavern, where he frequents. He is playing pool and drinking beers, when his cell-phone rings. He happily announces to the entire bar that his wife just went into labor with their first child. He is thrilled. He tosses his pool stick onto the pool table, chugs down the rest of his open beer and shouts, “Wish me luck,” as he exit’s the bar.

The next day the man returns to brag about his first born son. He boasts about his weighing in at a whopping 20lbs. The entire bar is amazed by the child’s birth weight. Even the bartender comments on how he feels for the little lady after giving birth to such a large baby. Proud as can be, the man continues to tell everyone in the bar about his good fortune and the people continue buying him rounds of drinks to help him celebrate.

About a week later, the man returns. The bartender immediately strikes up a conversation with him about his son. “That boy of yours must be growing like a weed already. What’s he weigh now?” he asks.

“Eighteen pounds,” the man replies.

“Eighteen. Now that doesn’t seem right. I thought you said he weighed twenty pounds at birth?”

“He did,” the proud father says. “But we had him circumcised.”


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