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Ancient Feet: 30 - Body Fuel

Alan Nolan tells of the fuel which supposedly keeps a top athlete on the move.

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The absence of shops along the way meant we had to carry an adequate supply of fluid. Of course, this added to the weight of our packs but I try to keep the weight down to a minimum by buying half-litre plastic bottles of water and sports (or energy) drinks. Not only are these relatively light, but also the half-litre bottles fit nicely in the side pockets of the backpack, so that it is not necessary to go rummaging through the main pack every time a drink is needed. I started drinking sports drinks a few years ago after being impressed with the marketing of the product. I picked up a bottle in a supermarket and read the label Orange Body Fuel. Body fuel — I like that. Whoever came up with that earned his fee. Their advertising claimed — keeps top athletes going thirty-three per cent longer. I had to have some of that, even though I was supremely fit already. Not surprising really after all the football I had watched over the years. Anyway, what's ¦wrong with a little supplement to keep us in top condition?

'Those sports drinks don't "work,' I told Tom a few weeks later, 'I drank a bottle last week and I can't keep going thirty-three per cent longer.'

'Two things, Al,' he said, 'first, I don't think one bottle's enough. Second, they claim it keeps top athletes going thirty-three per cent longer and I don't think they were thinking of you when they came up with that catchphrase.'

Despite Tom's disparaging comments about my athletic prowess, I continue to buy the product because the bottles do fit snugly into the side pockets of my rucksack. And anyway, more recently I've noticed that they have dropped the 'keeps top athletes ...' crap from their advertising, so they must have had complaints from other top athletes!


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