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Here Comes Treble: A String of Pearls -Part 3

...Debbie, severely injured, was in a coma, on life-support in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Mike, her husband, remained at her bedside, distraught, praying for a miracle, and begging her to return to their life. Her unborn child continued to thrive in her womb, unaware of the trauma his parents were experiencing...

Isabel Bradley continues her imaginative story.

In the golden depths of Jupiter, Devorah and Kieran were alone. Devorah hated the thought of leaving her home. She had always been there, caring for those who needed ease, who cried out for joy. The drums of the approaching comet, however, warned that it was time for them to leave.
She and Kieran burst from the planet, two small sparks in the velvet-dark winds.

Devorah was aware of the comet, more beautiful, more deadly, than she could possibly have imagined. It was no longer one body. Broken to fragments by the thrall of the planet, it was a fiery string of galactic pearls, cut asunder, streaming to its glorious end. The wind of its passing was fierce, predatory.
As Devorah and Kieran hung between worlds, each pearl plunged deep into the planet's heart causing orange, red and gold explosions to burst from Jupiter in fiery plumes: Jupiter’s fiery flags of surrender.

Liquid heat poured towards Devorah and Kieran, lighting the star-way where they rested.

As unquenchable as the fires on Jupiter, Devorah's grief threatened to consume her. Her home, her haven, was no more. She was bereft, outcast.

Alone with Kieran, the youngest of the Company of Souls, Devorah turned for ever from the golden planet. It could no longer bring joy or ease to anyone.

Accompanied by stars, planets and moons, Devorah and Kieran searched for a home.


In the Intensive Care ward, Debbie's body lay, battered but alive, kept that way by machines which breathed for her, drips which fed her. Her coma was deep. Doctors couldn't tell whether or not she would recover. Her unborn child continued to grow in her womb.

Debbie's soul hovered, between waking and sleeping, in the energy forces surrounding her body.

Mike, her husband, sat next to her bed. She knew that for hours on end he held her hand. She heard him speak to her: beg her to return. She felt his tears of grief and pain falling on her hand, heard his prayerfor a miracle that would allow her to return to her body.

The energy that was Debbie was too weak to communicate her love to Mike. Hopelessly, helplessly, the soul that was Debbie floated above her body.


In the magnificent freedom of Space, Kieran grew, a happy young Soul. He scuffled star-dust, skipped from planet to planet, and bounced moons for fun.

Devorah nurtured him, loved him, delighted in him, worried over him. Time for his first incarnation was drawing near - a young Soul had to begin his education sooner rather than later, after all.

The One Soul called to her across the star-ways, a warm voice singing in the depths of her being, telling her all she needed to know.

The music drew her towards a small blue and green planet, that planet where so many of the souls whom she had given ease and joy had lived and been re-born, had loved, learnt and grown. A glowing, living piece of star-dust buried in the Milky Way.

The voice, at once inside and surrounding her, urged Devorah on. Ringing trumpets drew her forward, until she hovered in the hospital room, over the body of Debbie.

To be continued…

Until next time…. ‘here comes Treble!’

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