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Laugh With Lisa: Chuckles For The Troops

Copies of Lisa DeMarco's hilarious book Serving Up Some Funny will soon be on their way to American troops.

Lisa writes:

My newest project is sending copies of my book to the troops. I am working with Strategic Book Publishing and my local library system on a summer program called, "Teens for the Troops," and in August we will be shipping all sorts of things - including Serving Up Some Funny.

What could be cooler? Half the jokes -if not more - in my entire collection comes from retired military men. Who better to share them with then our present-day heroes. I am pretty open in my view about war. I don't believe in it, but I sure do have an enormous amount of respect for those men and women who protect me and mine.

By the end of the summer, hopefully, I will have two thousand books being shipped with a Publix Bakery Smiley Face Cookie (individually wrapped and donated) to go with each copy. Nice little hometown touch.

A giggle and a smile. That is what I am about.


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