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Christmas Every Week: New Baby

Arnold Kellett’s poem tells of the most beguiling new babe in history.

Any tiny baby you may see
Snuggled cosy-close on mother's knee
Is guaranteed to raise a tender 'Ah!'

Instinctively we stoop to smile and gaze
And babble baby-talk in lavish praise,
As quite befits this brave new infant star.

But what if we had seen at Mary's breast
Her tiny new-born baby warmly pressed?
What then? Oh, we'd have held our breath for joy,

Stunned to silence by this unique birth,
Inadequate to praise the awesome worth
Of Bethlehem's once-and-only baby boy.

Though every child's miraculously made,
With charms that even atheists persuade,
And moves to tears all but the living dead,

No birth or baby ever yet beguiled
Like that far-off familiar Christmas child,
With untold millions round his makeshift bed.


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