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U3A Writing: Remember?

Mick Harkin remembers bygone years.

Remember the days we bought milk in glass bottles?
Smoked home made fags down by the wattles.
If yer tinted yer hair, to make it look blond,
You were the talk of the town, and far far beyond

If yer played Aussie footie kicked a punt drop or stab.
One central ump was all that we had.
Six o'clock closing, 'Now gentlemen please'
Staggered out of the bar with wobbly knees!

Bleary eyed we drove as best as we could.
Not a copper in sight, in our neck of the woods.
No seatbelts in cars, as those of today,
Airbags for safety, were still years away.

Word 'sex' distinguished male from female.
No one dared mention sex here for sale
A trip overseas meant a trip to Tassie,
By steamer of course, conditions not snazzie.

On most Saturday nights off to the flicks,
Sit in the back row, get up to some tricks.
Boo at the baddies, cheer at the rest,
With threat of expulsion, became angels, the best.

As kids we weren't idle had plenty to do,
Something of interest for a crowd or a few;
TVs and computers not for us way back then,
Now they're replacing the pencil and pen.

A Coolgardie safe to keep our food cool,
Electric or gas fridges were still very few.
A hot water service as we know them today,
Far into the future, before they were made!

Once every year held a Charity Ball
The music was loud, in the old country hall.
All the well to-dos there, dressed to the tees,
Us blokes stood around, being wall flowers yer see.


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