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U3A Writing: Rainbow At Morning

Merle Parkin sees a rainbow at “drizzly dawn’’.

Sun, unfocused, all in bridal white,
Sweeps up the misty aisle of eastern sky,
Casting her radiance on retreating night,
Her thin veil floating as the dawn winds sigh,
And weeping heavens mourn the night gone by.

Towards her bride-bed, hidden still in gloom
In the mysterious west, rain-wet, obscure,
She marches onward, and her beams illume
The ragged rain clouds, all in colours pure:
A bridal arch, her footsteps to allure.

A spectral arch, in tenuous, rainy skies;
It shimmers there, athwart her blushing way,
Only to fade before her love-bright eyes,
Leaving a memory of colours gay,
As drizzly dawn turns into flawless day.


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