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The Day Before Yesterday: 134 - Mini Skirts

...Not everyone could wear this style and the more mature person looked for something a little longer. The men would eye the long bare legs. What was on their minds is another story...

Gladys Schofield, continuing her entertaining autobiography, tells of changing fashions.

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In eight days Susan would be fourteen and Pauline seven. They had asked their dad if I could come home for their birthdays. Children could not visit under the age of fourteen, so it would be a iong time before they would see me again, so the next time the Doctor came to see us, I asked him if I would be able to return home on my eighth day but he said I was not well enough to return to home duties so soon and told me Mark was not yet gaining weight. As soon as he said that, I knew why and told him about Pauline.

"Can he be bottle fed?" I asked, "My milk is no good for him".

"Of course he can my dear, what kind do you prefer?"

Mark was weighed after his first bottle and had gained half an ounce and this was the turning point for him.

Mary went home on her fifth day and asked me if she could visit us some time. "Come whenever you want" I said but knew seeing Mark would not help her to forget her child.

Cliff arrived every day, pencil and notebook in hand to jot down a recipe for the next days tea. He would tell me about the events of the day or anything that he needed answers too. He said he had only just realised how much work I must have done each day and he wouldn't want to be a woman. He had never had to play my role completely before, so it was nice to be appreciated. As we got closer to the birthdays, I asked again if it was possible to go home and the Doctor said "Yes, if you promise to go to bed and rest and not try to attempt to do anything".

Three smiling girls crowded around my bed on the Sunday morning, where I sat waiting for the nurse to finish dressing the baby in his warm outfit. She insisted in carrying him to the car as she said "She would miss this one". I could see we would not be short of a babysitter as Susan's face told its own story.

No, I didn't go to bed but I didn't do any work either.

Mary called to see me about three weeks later. We had tea together, she wanted to know all about Mark and I felt awkward and so sorry for her. I knew nursing my son would not help her to forget, she must have felt cheated. "Come again" I said "when you are around this way" but she didn't come any more.

Women's fashions had changed during the last year or two, 'mini skirts' were now worn by the young and the not too young. People my age had a job getting anything to cover the knees. The children looked lovely in the short full skirts, although they used less material for these, they cost just as much.

Not everyone could wear this style and the more mature person looked for something a little longer. The men would eye the long bare legs. What was on their minds is another story. When our mothers were young, showing an ankle would give you a bad reputation, so fashions had gone full circle since those days.

Luckily trousers were now being worn in Winter by most women. They had become very popular. Fur coats also were cheaper, they were made from nylon as well as fur. You had a job to tell the difference. Fluffy hats completed the outfit and the common headscarf was for everyday wear, while today we are mostly bare headed.


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