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North American Dreaming: A North American Treasure

William Burkholder brings a tribute in verse to the Vancouver poet Marc Creamore.

A North American treasure
dreaming that one day
my insight will be as crisp,
as stoic, as stellar as his.

Dharma Ginsburg insights,
with a flair only his own.
The blessing, that my eyes
have been given the gift
to read and experience the insight of this
poet, this man, this artist.

This North American treasure
and his gifts to the world.

I want to sit in Frog Hollow
and discuss the world with him,
to map the flow of ink from his pen,
to ride the path of his enlightenment
and read, learn and live
this poets dream, our dream.

Mentor, writer, gifted human.
The chronicles of history will say that of 21st century poets,
Creamore by far topped the lists.

He, without fist, or bandied club
brought us to the flame of his work,
and we are warmed, unencumbered,
gifted to be present
to see, hear and read this Treasure of North America,
And gift to the world.


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