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Open Features: Just Call Me Noah

Ellie Braun-Haley finds herself in a situation which almost compels the building of an ark.

Today is not the best of days for me, but then we can not be smiling and dancing every moment! I'll try dancing later tonight!

I do not know if you remember but we had a flood on the second floor (the upstairs) of our acreage about a year ago.

Then the rains hit and the basement flooded. So we moved into our office while they rebuilt the place.

I mean two floods, how very ridiculous! Can that possibly happen to anyone?

So there we were in our office and a pipe burst less than two months after moving in there and we lost over a hundred newly published books.

Today after coming home from Italy and only being home for one day, I got up at 5 am to water the lawn. Perhaps I am a bit paranoid but I sort of felt voices were saying saying "check the basement!"

So I did check the basement to make sure everything is okay.


Water was pouring through the ceiling of the basement. Another pipe had burst!

And I still have not had my morning shower! I've had enough of water.

Who needs a shower when there's water puring out of the ceiling.

Lots of water, but no soap.

I suppose I sound a bit hysterical.

Just call me Noah!


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