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North American Dreaming: Bonne Terre

William Burkholder's poem celebrates the walk of life on this good Earth.

Bonne Terre,
Bonne Terre,
My cradle,
My grave,

Bonne Terre,
Bonne Terre,
Where each,
And every care,
Where I walk,
And listen,
Where I laugh,
And weep,
Along the oceans,
Shore so deep,

Bonne Terre,
My mother,
My maker,
Resting in your arms,
Playing in your fields,
Golden grasses,

Bonne Terre,
I am yours,
Roots firmly set,
Till my harvest,
Is nigh.

Bonne Terre,
Bonne Terre,
Upon mountains high,
Walking with you,
Sunlight gifts,
Moonlit love,
Walk of life,
Bonne Terre.


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