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U3A Writing: Never Kick A Dog

Mick Harkin tells of a truckie who got what he deserved.

Barney Jack lack from way out back,
had just arrived in town,
to the pub he made his way
with his faithful dog called Brown.

While jack went in to have a beer,
Brown sat by the pub front door,
eyes closed as if asleep,
head couched on her paws.

If left alone old Brown was good,
never made a sound,
but prod her or unsettle her,
she'd become a snarling hound.

This truckie was a nasty bloke,
the locals thought him low,
when he did call in, they'd say,
"Here comes that so and so!"

The smart arsed truckie passed the dog,
now sleeping like a log,
at the top of his voice he yelled,
"Who owns that bloody dog."

"I do BJ spoke up at last,
'just leave her be' he said.
The truckie yelled at all again,
'the mongrel should be dead."

'Be careful now don't touch her'
BJ warned loud and clear,
"trouble with you my boy,
you've been drinking too much beer.'

Truckie sidled to the door,
took a mighty kick,
Missed the dog by half a mile,
this dog was mighty slick.

Dog flew at the flying foot,
fastened on real quick,
a perfect set of teeth marks
on truckies ankle did inflict.

"The bastard dog it bit me'
he cried to all around,
"shoot the Kelpie mongrel,
then dump her out of town.'

"Don't worry about no rifle,"
came a voice from out the mob,
"you're the bloody problem here,
not the poor old dog!"

"Git in yer rig, clear outer' town,
don't ever come back here,
Doc will fix yer foot up,
lives down by the weir."

"The dorg it attacked me,
I never done a thing!"
"Don't talk such bloody rubbish'
replied old Herbie King.

"Never show yer face back here,
never kick a dog!"
"You really asked for what you got,
yer brain is in a fog."


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