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Donkin's World: The Dreamerz

Richard Donkin enthuses about a pastime which he says is much better than watching telly.

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Rob, our middle son, has been busy putting the finishing touches to his first game since leaving university. Called The Dreamerz http://www.badviking.com/the-dreamerz/, it's another product of his collaboration with games developer and artist, RobotJAM http://www.robotjam.com/. The game is reviewed here. http://jayisgames.com/

This time they have moved away from their panda character (featured here in Rob's game portfolio http://www.badviking.com/portfolio/) to a little spaceman who has to pull together the constituents of dreams from various planets in order to reactivate a dream machine. There are few instructions; you have to think things out for yourself.

If you think this is just a silly game for young kids, think again. It will stretch your logic and thinking skills. It certainly stretched mine yesterday when I became immersed just as I should have been doing other things. I didn't get it finished either. In fact I became distracted by a puzzle game from one of my other favourite game compilers, Mateusz Skutnik. His 32 Chambers is the latest in his Submachine series. I love these games. http://www.pastelportal.com/stories/submachine-32-chambers/

If you like that one, try his others that can all be found on his website. Rob also features the Submachine series on his Bad Viking games site. My other Skutnik favourites are Daymare town http://www.badviking.com/daymare-town/ (a series of three games so far) and Covert Front , a classy spy adventure series http://www.badviking.com/covert-front/.

Try them. It's better than watching telly.


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