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Open Features: A Swiss Experience

While heading home for England in a coach Ray Harman composed this poem to celebrate his holiday in Switzerland.

Where snow peaks lie on mountains high
They glisten in the bright blue sky
Far below the chalets cling
To mountain sides of velvet green
Rushing streams may pass you by
Whilst waterfalls catch the tourist eye
Long-lens cameras pan the scene
Through windows that are far from clean
So say a prayer for all of those
Who have to view the big slide show
As cantons pass you by and by
A change of language is implied
"Bonjour" you cry with joyous heart
But not quite yet, it`s the German part
Italians have their place no doubt
"Buongiorno" then should be your shout
But worry not this language zoo
We are British thro` and thro`
And after all is said and done
English spoken is the one
Our language skills may be so rare
With Francs and Euros we`re not scared
The window prices are a shock!
I think I will leave that cuckoo clock
So here we are at journey`s end
No more coach rides round the bends
The trains, they run to perfect plan
Goodbye, fond memories of Switzerland


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