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North American Dreaming: Farewell Saddam

William Burkholder wrote this poem shortly after the trial and conviction of Saddam Hussein.

Justice is swift,
found guilty,
and the death sentence is read.

Soon he will be swinging, caressed by the thirteen knots of retribution and mortality,
Violent ending to a violent man,

tis no glory,
no victory in such a thing.
Tis sad that one more must die,

even him.
Our's is a confusing and hateful world,
Filled with violence,

and deplorable acts against ourselves,
for the empty moniker of leader, dictator, president.
He will hang for his acts,

and justly so,
but what cure doe
s this bring?

Empty satisfaction as the guilty swing.

Yet the innocent still die.

And in this,

What does justice bring?


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