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Laugh With Lisa: Fun Signs

Lisa DeMarco brings us a generous helping of good chuckles.

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On a septic tank truck: Weíre 1 in the 2 business.

At a gynecologistís office: Dr. Jones at your Cervix.

On a proctologistís door: To expedite your visit please back in.

On a plumberís truck: We repair what your husband fixed.

Pizza shop slogan: 7 days without pizza makes you weak.

At a tire shop: Invite us to your next blow out.

At a towing company: We donít charge an arm and a leg, we want toes.

On an electrical truck: Let us remove your shorts.

In a nonsmoking area: If we see smoke we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate actions.

On a maternity room door: Push. Push. Push.

At an optometristís office: If you donít see what youíre looking for youíve come to the right place.

On a taxidermistís window: We really know our stuff.

On a fence: Salesmen welcome! Dog food is expensive.

At a car dealership: The best way to get back on your feet; miss a car payment.

Outside a muffler shop: No appointment necessary. We hear you coming.

In a veterinarianís waiting room: Be right back. Sit. Stay.

In front of a funeral home: Drive carefully Weíll wait.

At an electric company: We would be delighted if you send your payment. However, if you donít, you will be.


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