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North American Dreaming: My Grandfather's Sword

William Burkholder's poem tells of the inspiration to lead a noble life given by a broken sword and a caring grandfather.

I was but a young lad, four or five at best,
when Granddad walked into the room,
holding something to his breast.
He said sit down my boy,
for this you must see.
A blade that is battered and broken,
but it means something to me.
He drew it from its scabbard,
the blade blunted at the end,
he said, my boy this sword you see,
is yours from here on in,
the grip is fine,
here hold it tight,
no worries now for the point.
Your job is to learn the grasp,
to battle, but not fight.
This blade is no mere weapon,
it is a symbol to enlighten,
and it is one of integrity,
perseverance, love, and humility.
Stand tall and carry these,
as if you would a sword,
raise them high,
parry and thrust aside,
the challenges
that life will bring.
Be proud of who you are,
and the true meaning,
of this thing.
A sword it may be,
but of such deeper meaning,
that my Grandfather gave to me.


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