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North American Dreaming: The Gift

William Burkholder is grateful for being blest with the poet's gift- and aware of the responsibilites which comer with that gift.

Melancholy of sorts, alone and longing, dreaming,

Motivations, the heart pulse of a poet's pen.

Conveyance, love pain, and joy, insight.

The need to journey, to see, be, agree, engage.

Feelings, emotions, longings, to set the writer's mind to this.

Pen, keyboard what have you?

What have I?
Joy in the blessing,
Joy in the ability to use the blessing.
Gratefulness of, and for the gift.

Not one to be taken for granted, not one to be bandied, to be as the pig, rooting.

Homage to that which gives us this gift, homage to that which allows us to share, to write, and sing the song of poets past, present, and future.

Writers, poets, singers of song.
The gift bestowed upon us
must be the gift we leave this world.
Words, rhymes, poetry, and song,
the gift.
O blessing that we adorn our hearts and minds eye
with humility's robe and heartfelt pen.

That the world may know the poet's
Thoughts a hundred years from now.
And we lament our realizations of this unborn audience,
the future reader who will read, and write, based on our words,
our thoughts, our loves, life's, lies, pains, and glories!

Let us choose our words wisely,
comrades in pen and ink!

Let us choose to write for the future poet who takes to task our form and intent.

Aye, the gift is in our hands now, to bestow upon the children of the pen the continuation of this craft we live, breathe and die for,

Aye, the gift!


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