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Feather's Miscellany: The Jolly Politician

John Waddington-Featherís poem expresses something considerably less than admiration for our political masters.

Iím a jolly politician with a most beguiling smile,
And an air of tax-evasion you can smell above a mile;
When in Parliament I blather and talk nonsense like the rest,
Who are just as glib at speaking Ė yet I think Iím quite the best.

Such a sleazy politician who owns houses by the score,
A fine mansion in the country and a dozen others more:
Sevíral properties in London and a villa down in Spain,
Not to mention one in Thailand which I visit now and then.

Iím a crafty politician, patron of state-funded arts,
An expert, ranking critics as a set of dated farts;
Iím director of six companies, paid adviser to ten others,
Scooping bonuses and shares from all the other silly buggers.

Such a modest politician, yet I think I know it all,
Ere long Iíll be Prime Minister Ė and then the heads will roll;
For Iíll brook no opposition to my rule before I leave,
Then make myself Lord Know-all and live a life of ease.

John Waddington-Feather ©


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