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U3A Writing: Two Medieval Knights

Jim Moore recalls visiting a house replete with family history.

I meet Norman Johnson while rock climbing at Mt Arapiles.

As I was regularly traveling to Melbourne to see my girl friend, he invited me to come to his house.

I drove along the Esplanade at St Kilda and found the right number. It was a huge house, set well back from the street, with two great stone beasts guarding the entrance.

As I entered the porch, I walked between two medieval knights.

Luckily they were only statues, or I might have had some misgivings about walking under that battleaxe.

Norman greeted me at the door and took me inside. As I walked along the passage I could not help noticing the framed portraits along the walls. Norman explained that the house had been in his family for four generations, and these were portraits of previous owners. Father, grandfather, great grand father and great, great grandfather.

I wish I could trace my family history back that far. The best I can do is that my grandparents migrated from the Isle of Man in 1890, couldn't get work in Adelaide, so moved to Broken Hill, where grandfather got a job the next day.

I have photographs of the generations of my family, but not lined up on a wall.


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