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U3A Writing: Blazing A Trail

Jim Moore tells of an enthusiastic group of bushwalkers.

Years ago I did a bushwalking and mountain-craft course, which I successfully passed. When I came back to Mildura, I decided to form a bushwalking group.

A number of people turned up to the meting which I called, and after I had outlined my plan, one smart alec asked where could you possibly go bush walking around here. Quick as a flash I suggested that he might like to walk down Seventh street to Apex Park, follow the river around to the motorcycle track, then curve back to the railway line, and follow it back to town. This quietened the group, and they listened.

A small committee was formed, whose first job was to decide on a name for the group, and quite soon Sunraysia Bush Walkers was decided upon.

At first a lot of people were interested in day walks, but it was not until a couple of newcomers to the district who had some experience came in, that overnight walks were undertaken.

Slowly more interest became apparent, until today there are over 70 members. It was a slow process, but we were blazing a trail.


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