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North American Dreaming: Climb

William Burkholder emphasises that journey alone on the road to wisdom.

too high a fence
for a fool to climb.

Thrown the rope, epiphany, thumbs missing,

unable to grasp
the simple concept of humility,

a diatribe against ignorance.

Then again,
where does my grace,
my tolerance,
and my wisdom lie?

Am I no better than those I lament?
Methods splayed, off course,
self-serving, quick fix bull,
to make myself feel better,
superior, above those who have not yet climbed.

Aye, me thinks so!
For I have only just begun to climb.

J have yet to reach the top of this wall. Should 1 descend and give a leg up?

Alas, we must journey alone, each at our own pace, hand over hand, experience after experience. We shall all climb, and summit.

Aye, victory then for all.


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