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U3A Writing: Drought

Maureen Foreman conjures up the intensity of an Australian drought.

The drought seems never-ending. Heavy clouds cross the sky, but raised dust is the usual result of the turmoil of thunder and lightning, erupting spasmodically. The dry air and unrelenting heat sends animals and humans to seek shelter. An eerie silence extends across the yellow paddocks.

Occasionally a crow squawks to shatter the stillness.

A lizard ventures out, cautiously running rapidly in a sudden burst of energy, stopping occasionally to eye the surrounding landscape. The parched earth offers no comfort to anything that leaves the protection of any available shade.

A group of kangaroos stretch lethargically under the canopy of a stand of sheoaks that whisper with the thrust of the wind.

The mid-day sun beats relentlessly down with burning severity, creating countless mirages, to confuse the serenity of the stillness.

The vast expanse of the surrounding country accentuates the realization of how insignificant one lone person is. The appreciation of being one small part of the universe in my own time and space, spreads through my consciousness, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility.


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