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Got The T-Shirt: Jupiter Ascending

Today is National Poetry Day in the UK.

To mark the event poet Steph Spiers is organising a Poetry Afternoon spanning the generations with a class of teenagers from a local school reading their own poems and joining in an afternoon recital by a Widows Group, a writerís workshop, and a group from Social Services.

" Should be fun,'' says Steph. "We're laying on extra biscuits.''

To mark the season and the day here's a poem written by Steph.

Jupiter Ascending

Winter comes:
thoughts turn evermore to death.
The good light is gone.

Depression hovers in the eaves,
fog lingers on the leaves.

Heavy dewfall on grass stays all day.
Leaves fade to gold and russet, a debt to pay.

Jupiter is leaving, ascending in the night sky
trailing its moons: visible to the naked eye.

October threatens, arriving with umbrellas.
Flooding and misery follow in its wake.

Cut back the brambles, grub up the marrows.
Candle the pumpkins, store the windfalls, make
haste. Chop logs. Light the fires.

S M Spiers 2010


Do visit Steph's Web site http://fegglane.wordpress.com


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