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Useful And Fantastic: Literacy Videos

Val Yule prepared these short cartoon literacy videos to assist failing learners who were not helped by conventional methods.

Val writes:

This Australian innovation is unique as far as I know.

It presents a simple over-view of the English writing system and helps in the understanding of reading and spelling.

I found that so many failing learners had nothing wrong with them except confusion and gaps in understanding. The aim is to prevent and clear up these confusions. It shows how the written language is linked with the spoken language. It demonstrates HOW TO learn, helping you understand spelling and a quick way to learn to read.

These videos are experimental and can be improved. They should be viwed in the following order|:

Ozread 1Hear sounds
Ozread 2Part1 Alphabet letters, sounds&pics
Ozread 2Part2 more on letters
Ozread 3 Part1 letters in words
Ozread 3Part2 vowels in words
Ozread 3Part3 long vowels in words
Ozread 4Part1 most common words
Ozread 4Part2 coping with spelling
Ozread 4Part3 origins of spellings
Ozread 4Part4 Latin roots
Ozread 4Part5 spellings for vowels
Ozread 4Part6 more spellings
Ozread 5Part1 clues to reading
Ozread part5all


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