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Poetry Pleases: Oh Tell Me

The beauty of flowers and butterflies leads Miriam McAtee to profound thoughts.

Oh Flowers and Butterflies
From the time you emerge
Till the time you fade
Whence came your glory?

Dancing in the breeze
Or preening in the sunlight,
do you know the splendour that you are
The delight you give the world.

Are you sentient beings……
Can you love and ache;
at night dream dreams
and take a peak at the moonlight?

Do you feel joy at a birth?
Does your heart grieve
when a loved one dies
And do you want to reach out and say
My dear, stay, please don’t go.

And when you are no more
Do you become glittering stars
And add to the brilliance of the sky
Or do you quietly fade into dust
As all creatures eventually must?

Miriam McAtee
October 2010


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